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This is the official website of Jacques Futrelle, author of "The Problem of Cell 13" and other stories featuring Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. S. F. X. Van Dusen a.k.a "The Thinking Machine". Here you can find the full-text of many of his stories, including "The Problem of Cell 13".

Stories: The Problem of Cell 13 . The Phantom Motor . A Piece Of String . Auto Cab . Broken Bracelet . Chase Of The Golden Plate . Convict 97 . Cross Mark . Crystal Gazer . Deserted House . Dressing Room A . Fatal Cipher . Five Millions By Wireless . Flaming Phantom . Ghost Woman . Golden Dagger . Great Auto Mystery . Green Eyed Monster . Grinning God . Grip Of Death . Haunted Bell . Hidden Million . Interrupted Wireless . Jackdaw . Kidnapped Baby Blake Millionaire . Knotted Cord . Life Raft . Lost Radium . Man Who Was Lost . Missing Necklace . Motor Boat . My First Experience With The Great Logician . Opera Box . Organ Grinder . Perfect Alibi . Private Compartment . Ralston Bank Burglary . Red Rose . Roswell Tiara . Scarlet Thread . Scientific Murderer . Silver Box . Souvenir Cards . Stolen Bank Notes . Stolen Rubens . Studio . Superfluous Finger . The Thinking Machine . Three Overcoats . Vanishing Man
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News: The Modern Library has published a collection of Thinking Machine stories called Jacques Futrelle's "The Thinking Machine" : The Enigmatic Problems of Prof. Augustus S. F. X. Van Dusen, Ph. D.,LL. D., F. R. S., M. D., M. D. S., edited by Harlan Ellison. You can read about it and purchase it here or at most other booksellers.

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We are in the process of proofreading our collection of Thinking Machine stories against the original newspaper/magazine publications and Futrelle's original manuscripts. We will be revising stories on the website periodically as we complete this process.

Added 3 March 2001: "Problem of Dressing Room A"
Added 26 June 2001: approximately 50 stories

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